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Tax Season Begins: How to know whether you should file early

Start your engines! Tax filing season officially begins on Monday, Jan. 29. Not many people file that early, but for some taxpayers it makes sense to do so. Here are common reasons to consider trying to be at the head of the line.

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I Need a Copy of My Tax Return...

I Need a Copy of My Tax Return...

etaining copies of your federal tax return is important. Not only will you need the return in case of audit, but the tax return is often used to secure student aid, obtain loans, purchase a home or business, plus much more. What can you do if you cannot find a copy of your tax return?

ArrowProfessional Preparers - A professional preparer is required (in most States) to provide you with a copy of your tax return.  Our firm always provides printed copies, which can be archived.  Additionally, you may ask us for a PDF/digital copy of the return.

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