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Understanding Tax Terms: Basis Covering the bases on basis

Basis is a common IRS term, but probably does not enter into your everyday conversation. This IRS term is important because it impacts the taxes you pay when you sell, exchange or give away property.

What basis is

The IRS describes basis as:

The amount of your capital investment in a property for tax purposes. Use your basis to figure depreciation, amortization, depletion, casualty losses, and any gain or loss on the sale, exchange or other disposition of the property.

In plain language, basis is the cost of your property as defined by the tax code.

There are a few different types of basis that apply to different situations, including "cost basis," "adjusted basis," and "basis other than cost."

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IRS Eases Tangible Property Regs!

IRS Announces Change In Implementation Of Tangible Property Regs For Small Businesses

The IRS has reacted to the complaints of the small business community and today issued Revenue Procedure 2015-20 outlining a simplified procedure for small businesses to comply with the final tangible property regulations. The simplified procedure is available beginning with the 2014 return taxpayers are filling out this tax season.

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