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The New World of Charitable Deductions


Your charitable contribution deductions are still a great tax savings tool, but they may require more planning following the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) last year.

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If You're Expecting a Refund, Read This


The end of tax season is approaching and if you’re getting a refund, here are four useful tips to know.

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How to make the most of your tax refund

tax refund

If you're receiving a tax refund this year, you have a big decision to make: What to do with it. 

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Is Home Equity Loan Interest Still Deductible?


There is a lot of confusion about home equity loans following the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) last year. The act changed the rules on whether the interest on these loans is deductible. So is it?

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Beware This Year's Tax-Season Scam


Scammers were very successful last year with a scheme to pry W-2 pay stub data away from employers. The IRS warned that it may be one of several techniques they use again this year.

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Small Business Filing Deadline Approaching Fast: Form W-2s and 1099-MISCs are Due Jan. 31

jan 31

If you own your own business or have a side business in addition to your regular job, you may need to send out several IRS forms by Jan. 31 this year.

The deadline is for forms you issue to employees and others who were paid as part of your business activities throughout the year. Forms W-2s and 1099-MISC forms that contain non-employee compensation in box 7 will have to be postmarked or sent electronically to both the IRS and the person you did business with on or before Jan. 31, otherwise you may face fines for each late form.

Most businesses understand that a W-2 is required for each of your employees. But did you know that you also may need to issue a 1099-MISC to each contractor or vendor you’ve done business with during the year?

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Five Tax-Loss Harvesting Tips


Though the markets have been up strongly this year, your investment portfolio could have a few lemons in it. Using the tax strategy of tax-loss harvesting, you may be able to turn those lemons into lemonade. Here are five tips:

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One Last Checkup: Are you withholding enough for your taxes?

Hold Tax

As we enter into the fall months, it's a good time to check your tax withholdings to make sure you haven't been paying too much or too little. This is especially true if major changes took place in your life this year to your marital status, number of dependents, or your employment.

This quick checkup will ensure you are not surprised with a large tax bill when you file your income tax return. Fortunately, you still have a few months left to fix any problems. 

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