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DiSabatino CPA Blog

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April 2018 DiSabatino, CPA Newsletter

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April 2018

In this issue:

  • Tax Quiz: So You Think Our Taxes Are Crazy?
  • Know the Top IRS Tax Scams
  • When an Extension May Make Sense
  • Win the Battle Against Retirement Health Care Costs

This Month:

  • April 17th: 2017 Individual federal tax returns due
  • April 17th: First-quarter 2018 estimated tax due
  • April 1st: Easter Sunday
  • Other April 17 Deadlines:
    - Six Month Filing Extension
    - 2017 Gift Taxes
    - 2017 IRA Contributions

Happy tax filing month! To help celebrate, this month's newsletter includes a quiz on strange tax laws from around the world. Also included are some tips for using your refund check as well as advice on handling spiraling health care costs during retirement. Should you wish to review your situation please feel free to call. Also feel free to forward this newsletter to someone who may benefit.

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