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DiSabatino CPA Blog

DiSabatino CPA Blog

A blog by Michael DiSabatino CPA with topics on Tax Savings, Business, Management and more...

July 2017 DiSabatino, CPA Newsletter

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July 2017
In this issue:

  • Zombie Billing: Automatic Payments Have a Life of Their Own
  • Five Home Office Deduction Mistakes
  • Simplified Home Office Deduction
  • How Much Do You Need to Retire?
  • Common Mistakes When Buying or Selling a Business

This month:

  • July 4th:Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July! While you're doing your best to avoid the summer heat, take a look at these tips for your tax and personal financial planning. This issue includes articles on retirement planning and on keeping your automatic bill payments under control. For the business-minded, there is a list of things to avoid when buying or selling a business, and five common mistakes made by those using the home office deduction.  As always, feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone who may benefit.

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