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W-2s, 1099s...and Now 1095-A

Are you prepared for this new IRS Form?

There will be a new tax form filling mailboxes beginning January, 2015. This Form 1095-A is a Health Insurance Marketplace Statement. If you participate in the Healthcare Marketplace, you will need this new form prior to filing your tax return. Here is what you need to know.


Each year the tax-filing season begins with the receipt of forms required to file your tax return. Employees receive W-2s from their employers. Individuals receive various 1099 forms for reporting interest, dividends, capital gains and independent earnings as sole proprietors. If you used the Healthcare Marketplace to purchase health insurance, you will now need your 1095-A form to file your tax return.

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Check your children's filing requirements

Check your children's filing requirements

Your children may need to file a 2013 income tax return. A return is needed if wages exceeded $6,100, the child had self-employment income over $400, or investment income exceeded $1,000. If the child had both wages and investment income, other thresholds apply. Contact us for more information or filing assistance.

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