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DiSabatino CPA Blog

DiSabatino CPA Blog

A blog by Michael DiSabatino CPA with topics on Tax Savings, Business, Management and more...

August 2014 DiSabatino CPA Newsletter


In this issue:

  • Tax Benefits of Home Ownership
  • The 3D Printing Phenomenon
  • In the News. IRS Limits Direct Deposit of Refunds
  • Seven Little Money Savings Ideas

The Month of May:

    September 7th: Labor Day

Now that home values are on the rise once more, it makes sense to review the tax benefits of home ownership. Also included this month are simple ideas to save money, a summary of an IRS announcement regarding direct deposit of refunds, and an overview of an interesting 3D printing phenomenon that may impact all of us in the next few years.

As always, should you know of someone who may benefit from this information please feel free to forward this newsletter to them.

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