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DiSabatino CPA Blog

DiSabatino CPA Blog

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May 2014 DiSabatino CPA Newsletter


In this issue:

  • Planning: Leverage Kiddie Tax Rules
  • 2015 Health Care Savings (HSA) Account Limits Announced
  • Virtual Currency is Property per IRS
  • Check your Credit ...Change your Passwords

The Month of May:

  • May 11th:
  • Mother's Day
  • May 26th:
  • Memorial Day

With the 2013 Tax filing season behind us, the 2014 tax planning season is just beginning. Included this month are two areas where advanced planning can reduce your tax bill. There is also an update from the IRS on the tax treatment of virtual currencies like Bitcoin for those of you using or contemplating their use. A checklist of ideas on how to improve security of your identity rounds out this month's newsletter.

Should you know of someone who may benefit from this information please feel free to forward this newsletter to them.

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