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Sticking to budgets and diets

[block border="5px solid #aacb24" padding="10px 15px"]Sticking to budgets and diets[/block]

Budgets, like diets, are short lived for most of us. You do a proper job of planning by looking over the past and determining where you need to make changes to meet your goals. And, you live by your plan for a few days, maybe even a few weeks. But, then all the detail of keeping track of what comes and goes gets to be more than you are willing to put up with.

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When Filing a Tax Extension May Make Sense

While taxes owed are always due on or before the filing date of April 15th, taxpayers have the option of filing a tax extension that effectively moves their filing date to October 15th. Is this ever a good thing to do? Sometimes the answer is yes.

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