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A Quick Look at the Proposed Tax Bill

I just started to look at the Tax Bill proposed by the House.  There are surprisingly many issues that have not been discussed in any articles or newscasts that I am aware of... Here are some of my initial take-a-ways :

  • Tax Preparation Fees deduction will be eliminated.
  • Alimony will not be deductible or taxable for divorce agreements signed after 12/31/2017.
  • The discussion of the "Maximum Tax Rate on Business Income of Individuals" is 2 pages long. I think it will take an 8-hour seminar to understand !!! 
  • "Simplification and Reform of Family and Individual Tax Credits" is 2 1/2 pages.
  •  "Simplification and Reform of Education Incentives" (3 1/2 pages). 
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