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March 2017 DiSabatino, CPA Newsletter

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March 2017
  • IRS Announces Annual Tax Scams
  • Inherited Property: A Matter of Value
  • Avoid this potential tax headache
  • The Right Ingredients to Improve Your Credit Score
  • Seven Common Retirement Account Mistakes

 This month:

  • March 12th:
  • Daylight Savings Time Begins
  • March 15th:
  • Due Date for 1120, 1120S Corp. Tax Returns
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Warning: Watch out for aggressive phone scams again this tax season

Warning: Watch out for aggressive phone scams again this tax season

The Treasury Inspector General for Taxpayer Administration (TIGTA) is warning taxpayers about one particular category of tax scams that has proven to be very widespread, very aggressive, and very relentless.

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IRS commissioner reveals major concerns

IRS commissioner reveals major concerns

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen recently discussed the major concerns the IRS has as it readies itself for the upcoming tax filing season. The proliferation of tax scams is a big concern with millions of taxpayers already having been taken in by scammers impersonating IRS agents. According to Koskinen, these scammers make threatening phone calls, trying to intimidate victims into providing personal financial information that can be used to steal identities.
A second area of concern is the IRS's involvement in handling the premium tax credits under the Affordable Care Act. Some taxpayers who were given advances on the credits based on income estimates may find that they may be receiving smaller refunds or owing the IRS money after filing their 2014 tax returns.

Please give us a call to discuss this or any of our other topics with you, so we can address your specific requirements.

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September 2014 DiSabatino CPA Newsletter


In this issue:

  • IRS Telephone Scams on The Rise
  • Make Lists: Save Money
  • When to Notify the Healthcare Marketplace
  • Avoid a Premium Tax Credit bill at the end of 2014
  • Is it Time to Step in?
  • Aging and help with financial matters

The Month of May:

  • September 1st: Labor Day
  • September 15st: 3rd Quarter Estimated Tax Due
  • October 1st: SIMPLE IRA plan establishment due

 School bells are ringing once again as summer draws to a close. This month's newsletter covers an array of topics from the recent warning of increased telephone scams by the IRS to helping identify when it is time to help parents with their financial management. Also included are circumstances when you need to make changes to your Healthcare Marketplace account and how to use the creation of lists to save money.

As always, should you know of someone who may benefit from this information please feel free to forward this newsletter to them.

IRS Telephone Scams on The Rise

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March 2014 Newsletter

  • IRS Announces Annual Scams
  • New IRS2GO Mobile App Announced
  • Are You Doing Your Bit?
  • Understanding the Bitcoin phenomena
  • Missing the Flow-through Deadline
  • The penalty that does not fit the crime
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California Income Tax: FTB Warns Taxpayers of New Scams

California—Income Tax: FTB Warns Taxpayers of New Scams

The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) reminds income taxpayers to be wary of theft ploys involving scammers attempting to mimic the FTB to obtain access to personal information. The FTB has heard from taxpayers who received phone calls from scammers impersonating the Internal Revenue Service, telling the individuals that they owed taxes, and that if the taxes were not paid they would be arrested. These taxpayers were also told that the state of California would do the same.

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Beware of This New IRS Scam

Lost in the recent news regarding stolen identities at Snapchat and the credit and debit card theft at major retailers, is the dramatic increase in identity theft and scams using the IRS. One of the more recent scams announced by the IRS is worth noting.

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