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Alert! 800,000 Form 1095-A's have Errors

Alert. 800,000 Form 1095-A's have Errors

Last week the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services announced that approximately 800,000 Form 1095-A’s were issued with errors on them. The error could cause you to file an incorrect tax return that claims a higher Premium Tax Credit than you have a right to collect.

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They Won't Fix My 1099!

What happens if They Won't Fix My 1099!

It is late January and you realize the 1099-MISC you receive is in error. In fact, it overstates your income by $2,000. What should you do?

Gather your facts. Put yourself in the shoes of the vendor, bank or investment company representative. Gather evidence they will need to support your claim to correct the tax form. This includes receipts, e-mails, and statements. Have your account number handy as well.

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